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// Origin: Seattle, WA

// Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Folk-Rock

// Years Active: 2012- Present

// Website: erikalundahl.com

Bio & Performance Description

Erika Lundahl is a Seattle musician, and activist. She employs her classically trained voice and distinctive “tapping” guitar style to create an enveloping, atmospheric musical space. Her poetic, often autobiographical lyrics employ poignant and powerful imagery to deal with contemporary social issues. Her band’s debut album “Songs of Shattering,” released in 2015 was inspired by the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, a queer early 20th century poet and debut onto CMJ’s top 200 albums of college radio in March 2016. Her recent (December 2018) live in-studio album ‘Right Back at You’’ exhibits the moving storytelling and talented performance that Erika is known for.  When not performing solo, Erika plays with percussionist and vocalist Doug Indrick, bassist Andreas Kasprzok and electric guitarist Cooper Stoulil.


Erika Lundahl has made a career out of creating hard-hitting, deeply passionate songs about sociopolitical issues that face our nation, but the live-in-studio Right Back at You might be the artist’s most honest and personal outing to date…. The stripped down and intimate approach to this recording allows for her voice to take center stage, showing that she is at an absolute peak of her talent. On every track, Lundahl’s vocals are charged with so much power and emotion, it’s impossible not to be moved by them.” – Keith Hedad, Record Crates United

“Watching her fingers play that 12-string was mesmerizing as she rapidly switched between tapping, drumming and finger picking, giving the illusion of many instrument sounds coming from her single guitar.”  – Norm Johnson, host of Concerts in the Woods

“Fresh, lively sound”
– Jennifer Hager, Bainbridge Island Review