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Erika Lundahl is a musician, writer and activist based in Seattle, WA. She employs her classically trained voice and distinctive "tapping" guitar style to create an enveloping, atmospheric musical space. Her poetic, often autobiographical lyrics employ "poignant and powerful imagery" combined with a modern and individual style of storytelling to deal with contemporary social issues.

Originally from the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Erika began to perform in earnest in upstate New York in 2012 with her band Animals of Grace. She returned to the tall trees and rugged wilderness of the Pacific Northwest in late 2013. Her band's debut album “Songs of Shattering,” released in 2015 on Rolling Crone Records was inspired by the poetry of Edna St. Millay and made it's debut onto CMJ's top 200 albums of college radio in March 2016.

Erika's most recent album 'Brambles' (released under the band Animals of Grace) is the compilation of 7 songs “of pilgrimage, climate change, and the wielding and waking of love for the Earth, each other, and all the hard lessons we haven’t learned yet,” says Lundahl, the lyricist and guitarist for the duo. Inspired by traveling to the tar sands or Alberta, Canada in 2015 - the third largest reserve of crude oil in the world - and by events like the Mosier oil spill in Oregon, this beautiful compilation of songs is an introspective gaze into the heart and a search for the resiliency and love we need to come together.

A riot of rich intimate harmonies, in the vein of the Banner Days, paired with ambient whistling, subtle violin, electric guitar, innovative tapping, and driving cajon bring a depth of music and soul to a searching world.

“..Their live performance locked us in awe with Erika’s beautifully clear voice….Watching her fingers play that 12-string was mesmerizing as she rapidly switched between tapping, drumming and finger picking” - Norm Johnson, host of Concerts in the Woods Series


“Jack Be Nimble” – Protect What You Love Album

I started thinking about writing this song while reading Micah White’s book The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution, which explores tactics of resistance historically, and breaks down all these different theories of change, with emphasis on a pretty simple question: What actually works? What tactics of protest are more nostalgic than effective? …

New Single: ‘Act of Love’ for water protectors

Act of Love by Erika Lundahl *Proceeds from this song will go to the 5 Valve Turners – Ken Ward, Michael Foster, Emily Johnston, Leonard Higgins and Annette Klapstein of the #ShutItDown act of civil disobedience, who face massive, mounting legal fees.* This song was written for the water protectors, the valve turners, and all …


Lundahl’s impressively strong and talented vocals take on both an elegiac and a tender quality.   –Keith Hedad, Record Crates United

On Brambles, the duo’s perfectly complimentary harmonies are put at the forefront, and more so than ever, Erika Lundahl’s vocals have an inflection and tone all their own – Northwest Music Scene

Watching her fingers play that 12-string was mesmerizing as she rapidly switched between tapping, drumming and finger picking, giving the illusion of many instrument sounds coming from her single guitar.  – Norm Johnson, host of Concerts in the Woods

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