Erika is a freelance writer and journalist, whose work has been featured in YES! Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Bill Moyer’s Website,, Truthout, and as part of the Road to Athabasca multi-media storytelling project. She writes primarily at the intersection of climate justice and land rights.


YES! Magazine publications

When the Police Came, I Didn’t Risk Arrest. So What Was My Role at the Break Free Climate Action? (May 18, 2016, YES! Magazine)

The Oil Industry Won in Alberta. Now First Nations Look to Heal Their Land (Feb 2, 2016, YES! Magazine) As part of the “Unsurrendered” multi-media journalism piece, winner of the Northwest Excellence in Journalism Award

Tiny Houses for the Homeless: An Affordable Solution Catches On (Feb 20, 2014, YES! Magazine)

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Climate Solutions

Thousand-year dreaming: floods tell a climate story (Sept 7, 2016)

Wildfire in the tar sands region—More than a humanitarian crisis (May 5, 2016)