2018 Electric Highway Tour – dates and more!

Maaaaybe it’s trite to comment on the weather, but I’m SO ready for it to finally be Spring. Not just because I want to be doused in buckets of sunshine and swim in the depths of Lake Washington, but because we’re HITTING THE ROAD in May on our  …..

2 0 1 8  E l e c t r i c  H i g h w a y  T o u r.
Erika & Doug touring Vancouver, BC in December 2017.

Backstory: Last year Doug and I leased a 2017 Electric Leaf. It’s been friggin’ awesome.  We’ve played shows all around Washington, Oregon and British Columbia (and had some (eep!) mountain pass moments along the way), but always managed to make our shows, and have learned so much about how electric vehicles (EVs) — along with biking and increased public transport infrastructure — are no longer the way of the future — it’s a present reality that we can transition away from fossil fuels for our primary modes of transport. Even traveling troubadours can go electric.

So we’re dreaming big this Spring and Summer and wanna see how far we can take this puppy. The West Coast is getting more charging stations every day so we’re headed to California on The Electric Highway (read more about it here) and will be traveling zero-carbon for over a month in May and June.

You can catch us several more times in Seattle before we take off though – coming up on April 20th is a Phil Ochs Tribute Show at Egan’s Ballard Jam House, and April 22th is Isaac Castillo’s album launch (I sing on the album!!). The show is also features the incredible Drew Martin and Beth Fleenor, so it’s not to be missed.

Check out my full show schedule and follow me on Instagram @Animalsofgrace for more updates!

Also, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be playing at Northwest Folklife for the first time this year May 25h! See you there, Seattle!!



P.S. OH RIGHT – NEW MUSIC!!! My cover of Suzanne Vega’s Knight Moves is now available wherever you listen to music — My Patreon (preferred), Spotify, Itunes, blah blah blah. Oh, and it features me on ELECTRIC GUITAR.


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